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  • METAPHYSICS (Slight Return)


    If we are to understand the answer to the question, “What the fuck is going on?” then we must use the criteria of the physical world as our base. The physical world is really real. It is as real as our bodies. It is as real as pain. It is as real as death. It is also verifiable to anyone who puts in the effort.

    We have been collecting evidence scientifically about the physical world for over 500 years, and we now have a clearer understanding about what is actually going on (from the Big Bang to the expansion and acceleration of the universe, from the formation of our solar system to the formation of our planet, and from the story of life to the evolution of species), and the evidence shows us that there is more to the physical world than just matter.

    First, according to the acceleration, matter only makes up 4% of the energy of the cosmos. Matter is three-dimensional energy, so the other 96% must be non-three-dimensional energy. Realism still holds its primacy, but realists can no longer be orthodox materialists. The physical world may be the really real, but other dimensional energies (such as gravity, void and time) are just as real. The three-dimensional material universe is only a part of a multi-dimensional energy cosmos.

    Second, the mind cannot be found. We know the mind exists from our own experience, and yet we are unable to locate it in any material sense. The mind must also be a non-physical energy.

    Third, the material world makes life possible, but the energy which animates life is not material. It seems that four-dimensional void energy is drawn to the cells by their hyper-complex construction. The void energy is transformed into a different dimensional fractal, thus changing it into something new (life-force, which animates the cell and makes it alive). The living cells then maintain the energy through autopoiesis (metabolism), reproduction (libido), sentience (will) and adaptation (evolution).

    Metaphysics has truly gone ‘beyond physics,’ as the physical evidence shows us that the physical world is more than just physical, so we must move beyond orthodox materialism to answer the question “What the fuck is going on?” Metarealism still holds the evidence of the physical world to be the most real, but the physical world has been expanded to include other dimensional energies. Idealism and spirituality are also real, but they exist within the confines of metarealism (as the mind and life-force are non-material energies which are rooted in the material).


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