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    The four initial conditions of life are common to all terrestrial life-forms: autopoiesis, reproduction, evolution and sentience. The first three are all related to the replicating proteins which the first life-forms evolved from, but sentience is different. Life-forms are animated.  They move around. They act in their own interest instead of just being acted upon by the circumstances of the world. Sentience separates living from non-living.

    The energy which animates life is not physical otherwise it would be detectable to animal sensory organs. If the life-force was physical, then bats would not need sonar to see in the night and deep sea fish would not need bio-luminescence to see each other. The life-force must be a non-material dimensional energy.

    Most-likely, the hyper-complex structures of the proteins and the cells of life must be constructed in a way to attract the void energy (similar to the Kasimir effect) turning the cell into a battery, which animates the cell and it comes alive as a result. The void energy is also known as zero-point energy as it lies just below absolute zero (0oK). The protein placement in the cell attracts the zero-point energy and changes it into something new. The three-dimensional proteins summon the zero-point energy and change it from four-dimensional energy into something in between, or life-force. Once the zero-point energy was summoned and changed into life-force, it could not just go back to the void.

    The first cells were probably not able to maintain the energy. The proteins of the cell burned out and the primordial cells died. They were able to get around this obstacle by utilizing their autopoiesis abilities. Proteins were manufactured by the cell, the old ones were removed and the new ones were placed properly in order to maintain the life-force (thus staying alive). Bacteria were the first to accomplish this. They are the base life-form.

    Bacteria could not have evolved on this planet because they also appear on Mars and in meteors. If life had evolved here, then it would be exclusively terrestrial. The bacteria must have come to this planet from meteors and comets. They spread throughout the earth at first, and this new energy began to permeate the planet. Eventually, the whole surface of the planet would come alive.



    James Lovelock was the first to notice there is a similarity between a living organism and the entire biosphere, as they both have a metabolism. The biosphere circulates nitrogen, oxygen, methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, ozone, salt, iodine, sulfur, weather and currents around the entire planet through a complex system of living agents (mostly bacteria), like any other body-colony. Most living organisms do not have a brain, yet these organisms react as a singularity (or basic sentience). They are self-aware, which is the difference between alive and not. The entire biosphere shows evidence of being a massive organism with a will of its own, from its conquest of the land to its reactions to catastrophes. Lovelock called the sum total of the entire biosphere ‘Gaia.’

    A Gaia-entity is the sum total of all life, not just the physical aspects of life but also the ethereal. The ethereal best describes the dimension between the physical and the void, as it is a world between worlds. The ethereal is the realm of the life-force which is not in use by a living creature, as a living creature houses its own energy. The ethereal world makes up the life-force of the Gaia-entity.

    Other living planets would have their own Gaia-entity. When anaerobic bacteria ruled, the Gaia-entity was Kali. Terra was born from the cyanobacteria who used the chlorophyll molecule to harness the power of the Sun. Kali tried to prevent Terra from taking over, but the aerobic bacteria were too strong. Terra became Terra Mater with the beginning of the animal arms race. Kali still lurks underground (and in your intestines). Terra Mater is our Gaia-entity, and its health is our health.


    The Titans

    The photosynthesizers were quite content to float in the oceans soaking up the sunlight in peace, but they had soaked up all the carbon dioxide which was keeping the planet warm, and almost made the planet unlivable (the Vendian ice age). When it was over, they were joined by animals. The animals balance the photosynthesizers by needing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide (which is also a greenhouse gas), but animals need to devour the photosynthesizers and each other for autopoiesis. Animals are monsters, the Titans, which have terrorized the planet ever since.

    Around 542 million years ago, animals began an arms race of mortal combat which has turned them into magnificent multi-cellular organisms of unbelievable sizes and shapes. Animals are constructed like the bacteria and protists which preceded them with a body and a spirit, but some animals added a mind. The life-force exists as manifested (living bodies) and unmanifested (ethereal spirits). The mind adds an additional layer (the astral soul, which unites the mind and spirit).

    Animals are mortal, so they die. It is written into our genes, but most animals do not get to die of old age. The mortal combat of the animal arms race is extremely violent and very cruel. The creature is a body, mind and spirit when alive. When the body dies, the mind and the spirit move into the astral realm as a soul (with all the memory of the quantum mind still attached). Naturally, the bond between the mind and the spirit gives way and the creature is reincarnated as another of its kind (it is like to like, and amoral).


    Nature Spirits

    Nature spirits are described by many cultures as angels, devas, demons, faeries, djinn, etc. Ghosts and ancestors would also fall into this category. Nature spirits may be ghosts of long dead species (sentient spirits which have moved from their astral dreaming to the ethereal to once again be useful).

    At the micro-level, there are the capricious faeries, which are the true nature spirits. Faeries tend to be elemental (air, fire, water and earth), and seem to be aiding the biosphere in some manner. They also have a tendency for mischief.

    At the mezzo-level, there are the devas, which seem to be attached to special places in the landscape (such as pools, springs, groves, etc.). The Lady of Lourdes and other local spirit beings are most-likely devas, but appear to individuals as they perceive spirit beings. Devas are reclusive, but will guard their protectorate (as well as sometimes aiding the living).

    At the macro-level, there are the ahuras, which are guardians of a large protectorate. They are the embodiment of a whole region. White Buffalo Woman for the Great Plains and the Lady of Guadaloupe for Mexico are most-likely ahuras. They exist geologically, and rarely deal in the affairs of mortals.


    The Gods

    Humans are titans who are freed from their genetic thinking. Cultural sentience sets humans apart from other animals. Humans are able to think for themselves, thus they have become gods. Our technology gives us a physical magic, but we are also the only creature which can utilize aspects of the life-force by harnessing spells and magick, as well as understanding the psychic and spiritual abilities of the supraconscious.

    Humans are extremely individualistic and hang on to their identities beyond death. Instead of moving on to be reincarnated, they linger in the afterlife. You create your own afterlife. Your soul can reside in an astral extension of this life in a delusional heaven or it can be tormented in a delusional hell. Humans need a second death to realize this afterlife is an illusion and that they must move on. Humans are animals, so reincarnation is an amoral natural process (and humans become humans).



    Magick is a collection of spells, which are a mechanical means to gather bio-energy for a desired effect. Spells are tried and perfected methods of this nature influencing. The words and gestures are not to be taken literally, they are being used to shape the energy of the participants to the desired goal, such as healing or weather summoning. The bio-energy cascades through the spirit realm with the attached request, which is then, hopefully, brought to fruition in the material realm. An alternative to the spell is the enlistment of nature spirits to help do the work, or another short cut is to get the subject to do the actual work themselves.


    Psychic Abilities

    Shaman are able to fool the subject into believing they have been cured, when in fact they have cured themselves (in science, it is known as the placebo effect). This faith healing is just one of the psychic abilities of the human mind. The list of our potential psychic abilities would be lengthy, everything from aura reading and astral travel to genuine healing and super strength. The human mind has many wondrous abilities which can be trained for and practiced by tapping the supraconscious.



    In raja yoga, atman equals Brahman. The atman is the spirit of the human body-colony. It is a whole which is, in turn, a part of another whole, Brahman. Brahman is the sum total of all things (all is one, and one is all). Through internal gnosis, the Indian yogis are able to experience Brahman in the highest level of consciousness (samadhi), which has been described as infinite awareness, infinite being and infinite joy. They mistook this experience for the ultimate Truth. Instead, it is a terrestrial phenomenon of life. Brahman is Terra Mater (our Gaia-entity). Humans are able to attain samadhi and become one with Terra Mater through the strict moral, mental and spiritual discipline of raja yoga.

    The nirvana of Buddhism is not the same as the samadhi of Hinduism. Buddha taught that nirvana was more like an extinguishing of the self. He was looking for an escape from suffering, and Brahman is the sum total of all life, Terra Mater, and life is suffering. The eightfold path is a way out of the continual suffering, as Buddha persevered until he was able to actually extinguish his life-force (returning it back to zero-point energy).

    Through raja yoga, your spirit is absorbed into Brahman (temporarily during samadhi and eternally after death). Through nirvana, you extinguish your spirit forever. Either way, you are free from the samsaric cycle of birth and rebirth. The Bodhisattvas of Mahayana Buddhism choose to come back, to be reborn, even though they are free. They do so out of compassion to help everyone achieve nirvana.


    Secular Gnosticism

    There is a new awareness growing. Spirituality and our connection to the life-force have been missing in our cultures since civilization began to separate us from nature. Religions have tried to fill that need over the millennia, but they seem to be more interested in strict obedience to dogma rather than the shared camaraderie of the spirit.

    The new awakening has its share of charlatans as well. Not all of the endeavors of the New Age movement are truly spiritual (especially when they are more interested in profit than helping people). Some age old practices (such as astrology) are just as worthless as the religious dogmas, but maintain many followers (and generate a lot of money).

    Channeling also has its own sets of problems, as only humans can reach the highest levels of consciousness (the dead cannot). They are imprisoned in their astral world of illusion and they know only as much as they knew when they died. No channeled spirit has ever told the living any new knowledge we did not already know about this world a priori.

    Because true gnosis has been suppressed, ignored and manipulated over the last 5,000 years, it will take time for a mature gnosis to develop. The basics are the same for every culture with spirit beings, spells and magick, psychic abilities and the higher consciousness of India. Chakras and aura readings are also part of the life-force, as well as acupuncture.

    The life-force comes into our daily lives with coincidences, as there seems to be a connection between all living things. We are all intertwined, and coincidences show us the synchronicity of our interwoven destinies. We are all in this existence together; we are not competing with one another. It is up to each of us to bring about a better world.




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