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    In 2000, two separate teams discovered that the universe is accelerating. They discovered there is an anti-gravity force repelling the force of gravity generated by our universe. The anti-gravity force is Albert Einstein’s cosmological constant. It is also the void of space. In other words, the void of space is energy (dark energy), and it is pushing against our universe. It is also winning the battle, since dark energy accounts for 74% of the energy of the cosmos, thus the acceleration.

    The discovery of the accelerating universe is what James Burke would call “The Day the Universe Changed,” or what Thomas Kuhn would call a ‘paradigm shift,’ as we now know that matter is not the only energy in the cosmos. Dark energy is non-material, non-three-dimensional energy. It is the antithesis of matter, but it is energy and it is a part of our world. Although it may not be physical, dark energy has an effect on the physical world. Gravity seems to be a similar energy, as is time. It would seem there are non-material, non-three-dimensional energies all around us, and can be observed working in and influencing the physical world.


    The Problem With Unity

    Our view of the universe is currently based on the Standard Model, and the standard model of the universe is based on four fundamental forces: strong force, weak force, electro-magnetic force, and the force of gravity. Strong force deals with the nucleus of an atom. Weak force deals with the electron cloud surrounding the nucleus. Electro-magnetic force deals with photons and magnets. The force of gravity deals with the attraction of large bodies of matter. These fundamental forces are the initial conditions for the existence of the universe, and we have been searching for a unified theory which can explain these forces (thus explain our existence as well).

    The Grand Unified Theory is the idea that these four forces can be summed up in a single equation. In the standard model, weak force and electro-magnetic force become one at high temperatures. The electro-weak force and strong force unite at extremely high temperatures. The problem with unification is not these three forces, the problem is with gravity.

    The problem with gravity is that it does not seem to exist. The predictability of how gravity works was begun by Galileo Galilei throwing objects off a tower, and then summed up by Isaac Newton. Gravity was understood on a cosmological scale by Albert Einstein, and continues with Stephen Hawkins’ black hole consumption. We know a lot about how gravity works, but even after 500 years we know nothing about why gravity works.

    The fact that no one knows why gravity works seems counterintuitive since we witness daily how we are held firm to the earth, and things fall down. We see the moon in gravitational orbit around our planet, as well as our planet’s gravitational orbit around our star (along with several other planets). In the night sky, we see the myriad stars of our galaxy being held together in a colossal disk, the Milky Way. In our telescopes, we see hundreds of billions of other galaxies, and all of the galaxies are being held together in galaxy clusters. Gravity has a huge effect on the physical world, as it holds it together, but gravity does not seem to be physical.


    The Problem With Everything

    In order to add gravity to the Unified Theory, you need the Theory of Everything, but the problem with everything is that the universe is accelerating. Two separate groups, the Supernova Cosmology Project and the High-Z Supernova Search Team, discovered that the universe is accelerating as it expands by measuring the consistent brightness of supernova bursts in distant galaxies. The discovery confirmed Einstein’s cosmological constant, which means there is an anti-gravity force pushing against gravity on a cosmological scale.

    According to Einstein, the anti-gravity force needs to be uniform and spread throughout the universe, exactly like the energy of the void of space (which means the nothing is something). The void is the anti-gravity force. It is negative energy (or dark energy), and it interacts with the material world by being the negative nothing which makes the positive something possible. Without nothing there would be no something. According to acceleration, nothing makes up 74% of the energy of the cosmos, which means gravity makes up 26% (with only 4% being our visible universe), so now the Theory of Everything must also include nothing.

    We have determined that the Theory of Everything must include strong force, weak force, electro-magnetic force, the force of gravity, and the force of anti-gravity, but is that all? Even with gravity and anti-gravity added, the Theory of Everything would still be without time and space. Both of these forces interact with matter and need to be included as well. The Theory of Everything must include everything.


    Problems With The Universe

    The Theory of Everything also has another problem. There is something wrong with the universe. First, we know the Big Bang happened around 13.7 billion years ago, but if it had happened in a three-dimensional universe, then we should be able to see a spherical blast cloud emanating from universal central, but that is not what we observe. In our telescopes, we see a universe with no center and no end. We see a universe filled with clusters of galaxies spread somewhat evenly throughout. Everything must include everything, even the impossible.

    The second problem with the universe is that our telescopes can only observe visible light back to around 13 billion years ago, and then it all goes dark (no matter which direction you point). Behind the darkness is the Big Bang explosion which we experience as the Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR), and it is coming at us from every direction. The Big Bang and universal central emanate from all directions. Thus, we appear to be at the center of the universe and everything is coming at us. Everything must include everything, even the absurd.

    The third problem with the universe is that according to fluctuations in the image of the CBR from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, all of the energy of the cosmos is a product of the Big Bang (both matter and void). The universe did not explode into an infinite void. Matter and void were created together, and are expanding and accelerating together. Everything must include everything, even the insane.


    Dimensional Energies

    Gravity and acceleration show us that there are invisible non-physical forces at work in our world. They interact with matter, but they are not matter. They are energy, but it is non-material energy. Gravity and void are all around us, but in another dimension (so we do not experience them directly). Also, the cosmic anomalies blatantly display the non-three-dimensional aspects of the universe. According to acceleration, the cosmos has more non-material energy (96%) than material (4%), thus our visible universe of physical matter is just a part of a cosmos of various types of dimensional energies. Unfortunately, non-material non-three-dimensional energies can never be truly proven scientifically due to their non-material nature, so evidence of their existence must come from their interactions with matter.

    To understand what other dimensions look like, we only have to paraphrase Carl Sagan in Cosmos. The first dimension is an infinite straight line. If you go at a right angle to that, then you are in the second dimension of the flat plain. Go at a right angle to that and you arrive in the familiar three dimensional world of spheres (and up and down). Go at a right angle to that (in and out at the same time) and you are in the incomprehensible fourth dimension. Go at a right angle to that and you are in the fifth dimension. Go at a right angle to that and you are in the sixth, and so on.

    One-dimensional energy is observable in the electro-magnetic force, which we experience as photons. The most common photons are the waves of varying frequencies (gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light, micro-waves, and radio waves) which radiate from the electrons of atoms in a star, and zoom straight through the void at the speed of light. Other photons are held around the electrons of certain atoms and compounds, becoming electricity and magnetism (which gives this energy its name).

    Two-dimensional energy is observable in the force of gravity, which forms disk-shapes everywhere in the universe, from our solar system to our galaxy (and many others just like them). According to Einstein, gravity is a bend in space. The bend forms a two-dimensional plane which is more of a gravity well. The gravity well is stronger near the source in the center, and creates rotation around the poles. The disk also appears in the event horizon of a black hole (as well as the double plume of black hole consumption observed in some galaxies).

    Three-dimensional energy is observable in the physical matter which makes up our universe. In the standard model, matter is made of atoms, and atoms are made of sub-atomic particles, but Einstein proved there is a mass-energy equivalence, which means that matter is really energy, so there are no real particles, there is only energy, and three-dimensional energy comes in the form of quarks (which are tiny points of energy). There are 6 quarks in a hydrogen atom (three in the proton and three in the neutron). The quarks are arranged as opposites with a + - + charge in the proton versus a - + - charge in the neutron. This opposition creates the strong force, which locks them together in the nucleus forming a sphere at the center of the atom (and the sphere is the basic shape of the third dimension). The atomic nucleus makes up most of the mass of an atom, thus quarks make up the bulk of the matter of the universe.

    Four-dimensional energy is observable in the inverted emptiness of the void, as it is the nothing which lets the rays fly free, lets gravity well, and makes matter possible, as well as allows for all of them to interact with one another. At the micro-level, our bodies are mostly nothing as they are made from atoms in space. At the mezzo-level, the night sky shows the cosmos to be mostly empty nothingness. At the macro-level, the void energy holds the three-dimensional universe in a not-so-three-dimensional shape (which is why the universe appears to have no center and no end). At the quantum-level, the fourth dimension lies just below absolute zero.

    Five-dimensional energy is observable as time, which travels away from us at the speed of light, back to the beginning (which is all around us and coming at us from every direction). Time waves are why we appear at the center of the universe with the Big Bang coming at us from all directions, and it would be the same view no matter which galaxy you inhabited. And, the sixth dimension is the space everything exists in, and beyond that is unknowable.

    The dimensional anomaly is weak force, because it shows traits of being both matter and void. Electrons seem three-dimensional because atoms are three-dimensional, but when observed, electrons can appear in several positions at once, so they can be more accurately described as somewhat three-dimensional. Electrons also have properties of the fourth-dimension as they are leptons (like neutrinos and the percolating void), which seem to be Aldo Piana’s space quanta forming a three-dimensional shell (similar to rays acting like they are second-dimensional gravity in magnetism, and first-dimensional cosmic rays from quarks). Weak force is neither 3D nor 4D, and yet it is both. Understanding weak force means understanding everything.


    Weak Force & Everything

    Albert Einstein actually discovered the Theory of Everything but disclaimed it and called it a blunder, but his cosmological constant shows that there is a struggle between the force of gravity and the force of an anti-gravity (which was later to be discovered as dark energy). The struggle between the two forces is the reason for everything, as the strong force of physical matter repels the anti-gravity dark energy of the void, and the weak force electron is the result.

    The inflation which preceded the Big Bang must have begun by the strong force and dark energy repulsion. The image of the CBR shows infinitely hot matter coming into contact with absolute zero void. The material energy plasma split up into quarks in space, but the void and matter repel one another, so the quarks were enveloped by weak force (the force of the repulsion), and the first atoms were formed with the basic one proton, one neutron and one electron of hydrogen.

    The primordial atoms acted like atoms and gravitated into mega-quasars with mega-super-black holes inside them annihilating matter and transforming it into dark energy. Thus the dark energy grew in strength. When the void reached the dimensional breach around 300,000 years later, the breach was sealed and then came the Big Bang. The image of the CBR shows more matter than void, so gravity must have annihilated most of itself very quickly, as it has been almost 14 billion years and dark energy is now 74% of the energy of the cosmos (and accelerating).

    After the early annihilation, the universe has become somewhat more stable. The stability of the universe comes from the stability of the atoms themselves. They are stable due to the balance between strong force, weak force and the anti-gravity which make up the cosmological constant. The three-dimensional energy quarks in the nucleus create a positive strong force. The positive strong force repels the negative void energy space quanta outwardly to create the electron shell which is stabilized by the cosmological constant (into the fractal dimension of π), and immortality is obtained (as atoms can only be destroyed by annihilation). Thus, the repulsion created and maintains everything, just as Einstein predicted (and then rejected).


    Gravity Bubbles

    The weak force repulsion between the nucleus of the atom and the end of the electron shell creates a true vacuum inside the atom. Since the void energy is being pushed out, there is no void energy. In the absence of anti-gravity lies the beginning of gravity. With the anti-gravity force repelled, every atom becomes a gravity bubble. Each atom is not powerful alone, but in massive quantities (such as a planet or star) they turn the anti-gravity void effervescent, and going at a right angle down, it gets turned into two-dimensional energy creating gravity wells (somewhat akin to what Einstein said about the bending of space).


    Surfing the Waves of Time

    The cosmos is collapsing. According to the acceleration, it seems to be collapsing from zero to infinity (since it is accelerating in that direction). The collapse should have been instantaneous but it was interrupted by the repulsion between 3D matter and 4D void. The repelling slowed the collapse down, but did not stop it. The collapse continues as a fifth-dimensional time wave which we are surfing as the perpetual now.

    Photons are riding the waves of time as well. They are rays of one-dimensional energy but they are neither infinite nor straight because they are being restricted by the force of time. The wave of time which the photon is behind keeps it from being straight by slowing it down to the speed of light, which bends the ray into a wave. The wave turns the ray into a three-dimensional photon, which is how they can be both physical and non-physical, and it also allows them to interact with matter. The wave of time after it keeps the photon from being infinite by nipping it off, thus the waves of time are as long as a photon, and the speed of light is actually the speed of time.

    The waves of time seem to stir the dark energy to create a percolating void, as no void is truly a void. Even in the nothingness, there is something because tiny leptons pop in and out of existence all the time, everywhere. The waves of time also seem to stir the energy inside the atom, as even when a lone atom is in the absolute zero of space it still has motion and energy. The repulsion can push the void energy out of the atom, but not time (thus they are separate energies).

    The speed of time may be a constant speed right now, but is it a constant? The accelerating universe means that time is getting faster. We have already been cut off from parts of our history because of the acceleration, as we can only see back to around 13 billion years ago and then it goes dark. We are cut off from almost a billion years of time because we have accelerated passed the light coming from then back to the Big Bang. It is still there, but it has gone down in frequency to a microwave (the CBR). So, the accelerating universe is why we have a black sky at night.


    Time Must Have A Stop

    After Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe was expanding, it was believed that it would eventually contract due to the force of gravity, but the acceleration means that the anti-gravity force is winning the struggle against the force of gravity (and will eventually succeed). The speed of time has been accelerating, and it will continue to accelerate because black holes will continue to annihilate matter (as gravity is its own worst enemy). It would seem the collapse of time will continue until everything has been annihilated, and the cosmos goes at a right angle out of this existence. The collapse will be complete, leaving true nothingness.



    The Theory of Everything must include everything, and the standard model for the universe must move beyond a three-dimensional model to find unity. Gravity, anti-gravity and time are non-material, non-three-dimensional energies which exist in our world. They are all around us interacting with the physical world, and they need to be accounted for. The new standard model must include them.

    The cosmos is impossible, absurd and insane; therefore the new standard model must be as well. Dimensional energy theory is impossible, absurd and insane, but it can be used to explain the unexplainable, as it includes the old fundamental forces, the new fundamental forces, as well as the anomalies of the universe. It can even accommodate String Theory as now the three-dimensional quarks can be connected dimensionally even though they are separated. But, String Theory and the Standard Model cover only 4% of the energy of the cosmos, dimensional energy theory covers everything (and the theory of everything must include everything).

    Grand Unified Theory of Everything


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    August 27, 2010

    As you have already guessed, I am not a scientist. I have a Master of Liberal Studies degree from the University of Minnesota (1996), in Cultural Studies (specializing in world religions), so I specialize in how people perceive their world. While recently reading The Book of Nothing by John Barrow, I realized that we had to perceive the world differently in order to understand recent discoveries (from mass-energy equivalence to dark energy to the anomalies in the sky).

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